Show rules

Show rules Neocat

Entry fee per cat is € 25,00
Determination class costs an additional amount of € 7,00
Cats Hors Concours cost € 25,00
Moggies € 25,00
Litters € 45,00

The price of the (obligatory) catalogue is € 4,50. Neocat members get a discount of € 2,50 per cat or per litter but only if their Neocat membership number is stated on the entry form. If cats are exchanged within 2 weeks before the show this discount will be cancelled.

Attention: Each exhibitor is allowed to be accompanied by one non-paying guest, other attending persons pay the normal admission charge.

Closing date for entering cats
As soon as the maximal number of cats allowed in the hall is reached.

You can enter your cat in the determination class if its colour or breed is unknown. For this you have to bring the pedigree. For kittens from 13 to 17 weeks you have the choice of entering the entire litter in the litter class or each kitten separately in the kitten class of 3-6 months. Litters with less than 3 kittens can only be entered Hors Concours or each kitten separately in the class of 3-6 months. The queen can be entered with her litter for free, but only Hors Concours. If she is to be judged, a separate form has to be filled out and the usual fee has to be paid. Cats in the Novice Class are judged, but are Hors Concours otherwise.

You’ll get a confirmation of each entering, as well as of each processed swapping. Check its correctness, if faults are found, please contact the show secretariat immediately.

Please pay as soon as you have received your confirmation.
If we haven’t yet received your payment on show day you’ll cause delay on entering and you’ll have to pay an additional fee of 10% for administrative expenses.
The entry fee is due from the moment Neocat has received the entry form, regardless of the fact whether the exhibitor turns up at the show. Cancellation of the entry and restitution of the money can only take place according to the rules stated under “Changes, swapping and cancellations”. In case of non-payment the participant has to pay the costs for any required debt collecting measures.

Changes, swapping and cancellations
For each entry cancelled in writing more than a fortnight before the show, € 7,- is due for administrative expenses. No money is returned if changes, swappings or cancellations are made within a fortnight before the show. Swapping this late means that both the fee for the originally entered cat and the newly entered cat is due.
Changes of class: please notify the show secretariat immediately (in writing). Also report each new title obtained after the cat was entered for this Neocat show, together with the name of the judge. Neutering means a change of class too.If changes need to be made in the week before the show or on the day of the show, it will cost € 7 per item!  Please report all changes to the secretariat in writing!

Veterinary inspection
The hours of the veterinary inspection are to be found on your confirmation.
Each cat needs proof of a valid vaccination against feline viral respiratory disease (cat flu) and feline panleucopaenia (infectious enteritis) given at least 2 weeks before the show. Only complete vaccinations are valid. All cats from abroad (Belgium too) need to be micro-chipped, should have a EU-passport and need to have a valid vaccination against rabies given at least 3 weeks before the show. Veterinary disqualified cats must leave the building with their owners. The decision of the inspecting veterinarian is binding for the exhibitor and for the show management. Cats which, according to a vet, are a risk to other cats can also be removed from the show hall during the remainder of the day.

All pens are 65 x 50 x 50. Double pens and sets of three can have the doors in-between opened: partitions are not to be removed. The show secretariat has the right to put more than 2 cats of one owner in a double pen.
The use of pen curtains is obligatory. They can be rented at the information stall for € 4,50 (deposit € 7,-). Further necessities: litter tray, water bowl and floor covering. Free cat litter is available in the hall. If you enter in time your seating wishes will be respected as much as possible. If other pens than those allotted to you are used without permission and/or your cats aren’t visible to the public you can be disqualified!

Cats that have gained three CACs with three different judges cannot be entered in the Open Class once again. Your cat has to be in its pen throughout the day from 9.30 am to 7 pm. The steward notifies you when you have to take your cat to the judge. If you wish you can ask a steward to take your cat.
You are advised to stay with your pen at all times. On absence you have to make sure that someone stands in.
Exhibitors are not allowed to ask the judge about their cats until all judging has been finished. Stewards cannot supply information on results so don’t ask them to.
Excessively powdered or artificially coloured cats can be disqualified.
The envelope given to you at the entrance contains a so-called pen card. The inspecting vet stamps this card. Check whether the data of your cat(s) are correct and notify the secretariat immediately should there be mistakes. The card should be attached to the pen and has to be clearly visible.

If exhibitors or visitors misbehave, they may be barred from the show. All Dutch cat clubs will be informed of this.

The Cat Fanciers Society Neocat and its team is not liable for:

  • Damage to persons, animals or personal belongings of exhibitors, escorts or visitors caused during the show
  • Mislaying of animals, materials or personal belongings of exhibitors
  • Illnesses or injuries that cats might have contracted or sustained during the show and the costs involved
  • Illnesses or injuries that exhibitors, escorts or visitors might have contracted or sustained during the show and the costs involved.

When enforcing the above-mentioned rules the final decision of the Neocat committee is legally binding.

The show management has the right to refuse entries without stating its reasons to do so

No (e-)smoking allowed inside the show hall !

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